Do you have dentures and are looking for a better quality of life? Or are you considering immediate dentures and wondering if you should choose to have implants placed at the time of the procedure? Implant Dentistry incorporated into implant dentures can help provide the most stable and secure hold available, consider implant-supported dentures. Implanted posts placed in your jawbone help to secure full or partial dentures, ensuring they will never slip out of place. Additionally, implant-supported dentures can allow you to be confident, and have a strong bite. If you are considering how Implant Dentistry with implant-supported dentures can help, Dr. Watson can plan the case with you before hand.

Complete, Immediate, and Partial Dentures

Dr. Watson and his team offer all aspects of traditional dentures: complete, immediate and partial dentures. During a consultation at our office, Dr. Watson can carefully evaluate your oral health needs to determine the best restorative option. We can use larger, complete dentures to restore a full dental arch. For patients with less significant tooth loss, we can provide a partial denture, which will attach to surrounding teeth. Our partial dentures can be made with metal clasps, clear acrylic attachment pieces, or flexible gum-colored attachments. We also offer immediate dentures following tooth extraction.

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