General Dentistry

Oral Sedation

If you or your loved one is especially nervous about receiving treatment, we can use sedation dentistry to help ensure a safe and comfortable experience. When a patient chooses oral conscious sedation we will give him or her a mild narcotic in the form of either a pill or liquid. While some people may be afraid of the dentist, the idea of having to undergo anesthesia for a simple dental procedure can also be frustrating, which is why it's important for there to be options that leave people calm but still conscious.

Comprehensive Exams

Dr. Watson performs comprehensive examinations during each appointment to help identify tooth decay or infection, bite misalignment, inflammation, and other issues before they become serious. Scheduling regular visits at Watson Restorative Dentistry is extremely important to help us address concerns at their earliest stages and ensure the continued oral health of you and your loved ones.

Tooth Extractions

While our first priority is to preserve a damaged tooth, extraction may be the only solution in situations of severe decay or infection. Dr. Watson performs extractions using a combination of local anesthesia and sedation techniques to help ensure minimal discomfort. After your procedure, we will provide comprehensive guidance to help recovery time. We can also help plan a restorative treatment to replace your missing tooth.

Professional Cleanings

Dental cleanings not only keep your smile bright and sparkling, they can also prevent cavities, gum disease, and other oral health concerns. Our skilled hygienist can perform a gentle and effective cleaning to help protect your gum tissue and prevent decay. Our dental hygiene appointments are comprehensive with a Oral Cancer Exam, Periodontal Probing with Evaluation and Charting. We also provide periodontal therapy for those with gum disease.

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